Kingsteignton & Teigngrace

Exeter Diocesan Prayer Diary

June 2021

Tuesday 1st – Saturday 5th June

We pray for teachers in Devon and thank them for their commitment to the learning, growth and development of their students. We pray for all those doing exams and assessments this summer and hope for a restful half-term week for all in education.

1. For the North Torquay Mission Community, their clergy Rodger Carlton, Paul Jones, reader Pamela Macey, and for all who live and worship in Torquay Saint Martin Barton, Saint Marychurch, Babbacombe.

2. For the Northmoor Mission Community, their clergy Stephen Cook, Leigh Winsbury, Adrian Brook, Richard Bache, readers Kerry Friend, Carol Bache, Beverley Johnson, Michael Winter, and for all who live and worship in Sourton, Okehampton, Northlew, Meeth, Lydford, Jacobstowe, Inwardleigh, Hatherleigh, Germansweek, Exbourne, Bridestowe, Bratton Clovelly, Belstone.

3. In our link with Thika, Kenya, we pray for Lucy the manager and the children at Namrata Shah Children’s home who have come from desperate situations into a home where they will be loved and cared for. Also, for the older children boarding at secondary schools and those who have gone into further education or are looking for employment.  

4. For the Otter Vale Mission Community, their clergy David Carrington, Mark Ward, readers Caroline Poultney, David Williamson, Caroline Poultney, David Williamson and for all who live and worship in West Hill, Saint Michael, Tipton St John with Venn Ottery, Payhembury, Ottery St Mary, Newton Poppleford, Harpford, Feniton, Escot, Colaton Raleigh, Alfington.

5. We thank God this St Boniface Day for the saint from Crediton who became a bishop and spread the gospel to Germany. Lord, we pray that when we too suffer from setbacks as St Boniface did, we find strength in you to persevere.


Sunday 6th – Saturday 12th June

As world leaders prepare to gather in Cornwall for the G7 summit, help us to play our part in campaigning for climate justice. Help us to support charities like Christian Aid as they give voice to communities around the world already suffering the effects of climate change. We also give thanks for the work of conservation and wildlife charities in the South West. 

6. In our link with Melanesia, we give thanks for Brother Ini Kopuria founder of the Melanesian Brotherhood and for Companions in Devon who support the community through prayer and giving.

7. For the Our Lady of Glastonbury Mission Community, their priest David Bailey, and for all who live and worship in Saint Aidan Ernesettle, Saint Chad Whitleigh, and Saint Francis Honicknowle.

8. Today on World Oceans Day we ask for forgiveness for our carelessness. Fisherman’s nets should be filled with fish, not plastic. Coral reefs should be full of life, not wasting away. We have exploited and polluted one of your greatest gifts. We pray that more love and care is shown to the world’s oceans and to all the creatures in it. 

9. For the Paignton Mission Community, their Church Army Evangelist Jeffrey Hill, and for all who live and worship in Paignton.

10. For the Paignton Christ Church Mission Community, their priest John Pout, and for all who live and worship in the parishes of St Paul Preston and Paignton Christ Church.

11. For the Plymouth Charles Mission Community, their clergy Olly Ryder, Reuben Crossley, Michael Knight, and for all who live and worship in Charles with Saint Matthias Plymouth.

12. On World Against Child Labour Day and as Queen Elizabeth celebrates her state birthday of 95 years, we thank you, Lord, for showing equal love to all people no matter their birth right. We pray for your protection over vulnerable children and for the people actively working to end child labour.


Sunday 13th – Saturday 19th June

As we prepare for this year’s St Boniface award service at Exeter Cathedral on 19 June, we thank you Lord for the faithful and creative witness of every recipient. They are drawn from every area of the diocese and every kind of ministry and voluntary work. We lift each and every one of them up to you.

13. For the Plymouth Emmanuel Mission Community, their clergy Karl Freeman, Tony Williams, Robin Brown, Bev Cree, Darryl Cree, and for all who live and worship in Emmanuel with Saint Paul, Plymouth.

14. On World Blood Donor Day we pray for generosity in giving and for recognition of the importance of giving blood to help people in need. We pray that those who can give, will.

15. For the Plymouth Partnership in Mission Mission Community, their priest Jonny Devereux.

16. For the Plympton Mission Community, their clergy Robert Harris, Richard Wakerell, reader Robert Harrison, and for all who live and worship in Plympton St Maurice, Plympton St Mary.

17. For the Plymstock Mission Community, their clergy Jennie Appleby, David Appleby, Carl Budden, reader Graham Dee, and for all who live and worship in Plymstock and Hooe. 

18. For the parishes and people of Cyprus and the Gulf across all the diocese's nations to keep firm in faith as they struggle with curfews, restrictions on assembly and movement, and ever-changing regulations. 

19. For the Raleigh Mission Community, their clergy Martin Jacques, Karen Young, and for all who live and worship in Otterton, East Budleigh with Bicton, Budleigh Salterton.


Sunday 20th – Wednesday 30th June

As we celebrate Fathers’ Day, we thank you for our own fathers. We pray for fathers everywhere, especially those who are separated from their children or are finding parenting particularly tough. For those who do not have a positive experience of fatherhood, we thank you that you are the perfect father and hold each of us in your hands.

20. For the Saint Andrew & Saint Paul Mission Community, their clergy Joe Dent, Leon Sim, Tim Partridge, Philip Cairns, and for all who live and worship in Saint Paul Stonehouse, Saint Andrew Plymouth.

21. As the final coronavirus restrictions are hopefully lifted, we trust in your ultimate plan, Lord, and know that you are with us through good times and bad. We pray for all those who have suffered and continue to suffer because of coronavirus. We pray for peace for those who are anxious about this latest stage of the roadmap out of lockdown.

22. On World Rainforest Day we pray for the Amazon Rainforest, “the lungs of the earth” to be restored to bring us the clean air that we so desperately need. We pray for the political will and innovative solutions to balance the needs of local farmers and the environment.

23. For the Saint Bartholomew and Saint Mark Ford Mission Community, their priest Richard Silk, and for all who live and worship in Devonport Saint Bartholomew and Saint Mark Ford.

24. On St John the Baptist Day we pray that we can follow his shining example of a life lived in you, Lord. John preached the baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins and suffered imprisonment and death for proclaiming your word: we remember all who have died in your service.

25. For the Saint Boniface, Saint Budeaux and Saint Philip Mission Community, their clergy Stephen Beach, Michael Doyle, reader Martin Clements, and for all who live and worship in Saint Philip, Weston Mill, Saint Budeaux, Saint Boniface, Devonport.

26. In our link with Bayeux-Lisieux, we pray for the Basilica at Lisieux, its staff and pilgrims; for all its work in promoting S.Therese. For parishes, their clergy and people in the area of Lisieux.

27. For the Saint David Mission Community, their clergy Nigel Guthrie, Ash Leighton Plom, Belinda Speed-Andrews, readers Charlotte Townsend, Howard Friend, and for all who live and worship in Saint David.

28. For the Saint James Mission Community, their clergy Henry Pryse, Steve Turner, Martin Poolton, and for all who live and worship in Saint James.

29. We pray for the Hospital Chaplains in our Diocese. We thank them and commend them for their hard work and faithfulness over the pandemic. 

30. For the Saint Jude Mission Community, their priest Tim Smith, and for all who live and worship in Saint Jude Plymouth.


Information included in this prayer diary is taken from the diocesan database, where people have given us permission to do so, and was accurate at the time of publication. If there are any changes please email