Kingsteignton Feoffees Charities

These were created initially in 1862 by William Watts, William Adams and Edward Smallridge.  From the start they were associated with the Church of England Parish of St Michael, Kingsteignton because the trust document specified that the Vicar of the parish and his successors should be a trustee of the charities.

In 1964 the various charities were consolidated into just two.  These are:

- The Feoffee Charity (Estate Charity) (Registration number: 265541).  To access the Charity Commission webpages relating to this charity, please click HERE;

- Kingsteignton Charities for the Poor (Registration Number: 205270). To access the Charity Commission webpages relating to this charity, please click HERE.

In both cases, the Vicar and Churchwardens of Kingsteignton are ex officio Trustees.  They are joined by others nominated by the Town Council and by those co-opted to membership.

The Estate Charity owns various properties in Kingsteignton, which are let and generate its income.  It then makes donations to St Michael's Church, local schools, including St Michael's C of E School, and to the Kingsteignton Charities for the Poor.

Kingsteignton Charities for the Poor uses its income from the Estate Charity to help people in all sorts of need in Kingsteignton.  Referrals must come through organisations such as the local medical centre, schools, church and charities.

Privacy Notices for both Feoffees Charities can be found by clicking on the sub-menu on this page.

Please note: The Feoffees Charities are separate legal entities from the Parochial Parish Council (PCC) of St Michael's, Kingsteignton. However, as the Vicar and Churchwardens are ex officio Trustees, the PCC is happy to host this page on its website.