Money Matters

Common Fund Update


The Common Fund is the pot of money into which all parishes in our Diocese of Exeter make contributions, according to their assessed ability to pay.  To the money collected here is added money generated from Diocesan investments.  It is the Diocese of Exeter that pays for the Church of England parish clergy across Devon and it does this using the Common Fund, which is generated from these two main sources.

In the table below are the figures released by our Diocese and available on its website at, for the Common Fund payments our Mission Community Churches have to pay in 2022:


Amount to pay for the Year 2022

Equivalent to a Weekly amount of

Equivalent amount per Church Participant per week


St Michael’s, Kingsteignton









St Peter & St Paul’s, Teigngrace








A big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who gave to our Churches in 2018 and especially to all those who increased their giving, continued in or joined one of the regular giving programmes such as the Parish Giving Scheme or envelope scheme.  A big ‘Thank you’, as well, to those who made generous one-off donations towards the running costs of the Churches.  As a result of your regular giving, your donations, legacies and other income, both St Michael’s and St Peter & St Paul’s were able to pay their Common Fund obligation for 2021 in full.

As we start 2022, then, we begin the process again.  Regular giving through the Parish Giving Scheme, church giving envelopes or by Standing Order enable our churches to predict income more accurately and so to manage our limited resources more effectively.

For information about the Parish Giving Scheme, click here.

To join the Parish Giving Scheme, envelope scheme or to set up a Standing Order please contact us by clicking here and providing contact details so that we can send you the necessary forms.